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Rotary Club of Kampala Central approached the African Society for Social and Behavior Change (AS-SBC) to support and design a 360 SBC campaign to combat the current climate change trend.
MAADMcCANN, one of the AS-SBC members, together with the rest of the AS-SBC members have worked with the Rotary Club of Kampala Central to design the campaign “Make Love to Uganda”.

The objectives of this campaign are:

  • Increase knowledge on the long-term dangers of cutting down trees and other environment-degrading activities.

  • Motivate audiences to adopt practices that conserve the environment with key focus on tree planting.

  • Equip leaders and community influencers with knowledge and skills needed to prevent further damage to the environment.

  • Initiate and sustain partnerships with existing climate change stakeholders and lobby for support to combat climate change.

A series of participatory activities have taken place to design the campaign: Literature Review, Stakeholder Mapping, Creative Design Workshop, Pretesting of Creative Concepts, Refinement of Creative Concepts and Designing of the Roll Out Plan.

The campaign team has engaged and brought on board the Ministry of Water and Environment to participate in the implementation of campaign.

The Ministry has a series of activities that will be integrated into the roll out of this campaign.

Key Partners

  • Rotary Club of Kampala Central

  • AS-SBC


  • Ministry of Water and Environment (MoWE)

  • Promote Uganda Limited

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